Thank you for visiting my web. For convenience it is displayed in sections. Initially there is a brief c.v. and a little about myself, then the more important sections showing the work. I am based in the town of Troon, on the Clyde coast, South West Scotland. Since my parents were both theatrical people it is perhaps not surprising that I tended to follow a career in the arts.

I was involved in theatre design and production for many years until deciding that painting allowed for a more individual form of expression. I studied for four years at Glasgow School of Art,and Hospitalfield. While there I was awarded the Governors prize, The Scottish young contemporaries prize and the Scottish Arts Council Award. I was elected to membership of  “ The Glasgow Group” and was invited to exhibit at  the “Institute of Contemporary  Arts”, London.

Since then I  have had  many Exhibitions  in the United Kingdom and abroad, and my work is held in various public and private collections. I spent  20 years in art education and theatre production. During this time I developed an interest in sailing, retired from education and spent some years sailing the Mediterranean.

The first section of Absract paintings have a comment appended. These paintings do not require to be framed. The second section of a more traditional type of oil painting is the result of time spent in the Mediterranean, and the third section is the result of a nostalgic visit to the areas of childhood and youth. As you can see, I do not like to become trapped into working in one particular style or medium. There are many more works of a more experimental type which I have not yet managed to arrange on the web.

Paintings can be framed,( if required ), packed and dispatched at cost.

Thank you again for your visit, and I hope you enjoy browsing.


                                                                   David A. Croft-Smith.

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